Preventive Oral Care Tips

There are two different types of measures that you can take to take care of your teeth – preventive and cosmetic. While all doctors would suggest a preventive measure as the best option it isn’t always possible. Routine care from the beginning comes under the definition of preventive measures while consulting a dentist for a surgery of teeth and gums is a cosmetic measure.

So what do you do if you need a cosmetic care for your teeth?

First, maybe it isn’t late for preventive measure after all! Your dentist would be able to tell you better. Family dentistry fishers works towards educating patients on all the aspects and best practices in preventive oral care. The specialist dentist at family dentistry empathizes on the balanced diet. Eating food items which contain lots of sugar exposes the gums and teeth to various disease, it increase the chances of plaque in teeth and after some time, it helps the bacteria to accumulate inside the mouth. Sugar acts as a food for bacterial growth. The bacteria initiate the process of creating cavities and decay of tooth. Cake, pastries, cookies, chocolates and muffins do their best to harm the tooth enamel.

Know what you eat!

It is necessary to choose food items with utmost care. Food that increases the flow of saliva is considered best for teeth and gums as saliva dissolve the food particles which stick to teeth. Prefer a lot of liquid diet, particularly water, as it absorbs the excess of sugar level and neutralize the plaque acids. Carbonated drinks should be avoided as much as possible. Soft drinks and other carbonized liquids cause the decay of tooth by providing sugar to the mouth bacteria. A well balanced diet, containing appropriate sugar and salt helps the teeth to grow strong and prevent the oral disease. It also provides the minerals and vitamins which help in overall growth of body. Family dentistry fishers also emphasizes on reducing the consumption of alcohol and leaving smoking. Both alcohol as well as cigarette causes bad breath. They also increase the chances of oral cancer.

Maintain your hygiene

No dentist can stress this enough. Maintaining a routine oral hygiene along with nutritious food gives double benefit to teeth. Brushing teeth at least twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) and using an antibacterial mouthwash after brushing takes away the sticky food particles and prevents the formation of cavities and plaque in mouth.

A Few Complications From Hemorrhoids

In most cases of hemorrhoids, conservative home treatment is all that is needed to resolve the problem. However, some individuals do experience repeated bouts of them, and in some cases, complications can result. Generally, in cases where the typical hemorrhoid symptoms of minor itching and burning occur, complications are rare.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids, strangulated hemorrhoids, and very rare secondary conditions such as anemia can be a few complications of hemorrhoids you would encounter, however.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids form when external hemorrhoids develop a blood clot. This can be very painful and demand prompt medical treatment. Additional stress on an ordinary external hemorrhoid due to constipation or a coughing attack can cause a hemorrhoid to develop a blood clot. When this happens, the pain can be very severe, and it is best to see a doctor right away. If it isn’t taken care of, infection and even gangrene can set in, though this is fortunately quite rare. The best way to prevent the complication of a thrombosed hemorrhoid is by treating them as soon as you know about them.

Not all thrombosed hemorrhoids result in severe pain, however. This particular hemorrhoid looks like a red, blue, or flesh colored lump. In some cases, they may resolve themselves after about a week. Anyone who has a suspected thrombosed hemorrhoid that is not causing pain and does not appear to be worsening may wait for a week to see if it resolves itself before seeking medical treatment. Thrombosed hemorrhoids that are painful or that do not appear to be resolving on their own should receive medical treatment.

Removal of thrombosed hemorrhoids is easier if it is done before there are any complications. Furthermore, recovery is faster and less painful, so there is every reason for someone who suspects they have a one – particularly if they are in pain – to see a doctor as soon as possible.

A complication from internal hemorrhoids is what is known as a strangulated hemorrhoid. When an internal hemorrhoid prolapses through the anus and swells, the muscles that control the opening and closing of the anal opening can cut of the blood supply to the hemorrhoid, which can cause hemorrhoidal tissues to die. The result is severe pain and the possibility of bleeding and pus formation. Surgery is required to prevent further complications such as infection.

If bleeding from hemorrhoids is chronic, even at a low level, it can result in anemia. Anemia is a condition where there are not enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to cells, and it results in weakness and tiredness. If it’s bad enough, anemia can be life threatening.

Some people may believe that hemorrhoids, left untreated, develop into cancer, but this is not true. The problem is, both hemorrhoids and cancer can cause bleeding. If a person experiences rectal bleeding and is older than 50, doctors consider it important to do tests to rule out dangerous causes such as cancer. If the problem turns out to be hemorrhoids, then treatment proceeds as it would in any other age patient.

How Does Vitamin A Benefit Your Health?

Retinol, or popularly called as Vitamin A, is a fat soluble vitamin and is perhaps one of the most vital Vitamin that a human being should incorporate in his or her daily diet. The said vitamin is responsible in maintaining the health of your eyes for you to see clearly because it aides your eyes in adjusting from light variations in different environments. It could also help you in maintaining the radiance and glow of your skin because it has certain properties that could keep the skin membranes moist.

Actually finding good sources of vitamin A is not a major problem at all for it can be found in most animal and plant-based foods. Another advantage of getting enough vitamin A is the fact that it is a natural antioxidant that prevents you from acquiring dreadful diseases especially the most feared cancer. This is because; vitamin A has antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals that are very detrimental to the tissues and may even cause cellular damage.

For those individuals who could not get enough vitamin A from their diet, they ought to take supplements to suffice their need for the said vitamin. Before anything else, if you are planning to take vitamin supplements you should seek consultation first with your physician for he knows exactly how much you will need. It is not healthy to self medicate because most of the time it could lead to toxicity due to excess dosage. Always put in mind that human beings only need enough amount of vitamin A and eating natural foods rich in with the said vitamin could already suffice your needs. On average, it is recommended for women to get at least 8000 IU of vitamin A and 10000 IU for men daily.

Other health benefit that vitamin A could offer us is the following:

1. It is a good anti-cancer agent for it has abundant anti-oxidants that give you certain degree of protection from cancer and other diseases.

2. It prevents you from having night blindness because it enhances your vision.

3. Vitamin A is also good for people who have glaucoma and measles.

4. The said vitamin is also beneficial in maintaining effective respiration as well as to prevent respiratory problems among children.

5. Vitamin A can protect you from infections may it be viral, bacterial or parasitic.

6. It also helps your bones to become stronger.

7. As what has been mentioned earlier, the said vitamin is good for your skin hence, it could lessen the like hood for you to develop acne and psoriasis.

Indeed there is no need to reiterate how important vitamin A is into our lives and health. For us to get enough of it, natural sources would be the best choice to take because it will never fail you and won’t give you problems like toxicity.

You can find vitamin A at your local or internet vitamin store in softgel forms. Always choose name brands like Kal brand to ensure quality or the vitamin supplement you buy for better health.

Information on Natural Health Supplements- Top 3 Listed Out Here

Health supplements can provide several benefits. You can obtain maximum health benefits if you know about the top health supplements that can boost your system, provide nutritional benefits and lower blood pressure and cholesterol naturally. Get all the facts so that you can find answers to all your queries about improving your own health naturally through vitamin and diet supplements. Here we will discuss about L-Theanine (anxiety and stress relief), Milk Thistle (gallbladder and liver treatment), Pycnogenol (anti-aging).


L-Theanine is a popular supplement which includes some amazing and unique properties. Green tea is considered to have the largest concentration of the L-Theanine. This helps improve mood and reduce the stress. Theanine has been indicated as a safe and effectivesupplement by the Japanese in the year 1964. It is widely popular as a mind relaxant including several attractive properties. This is found to improve the dopamine in the humans. Dopamine is a type of naturally occurring chemical present in the brain that is released during the pleasant activities.

Research even indicates that L-Theanine includes other advantages. It even plays a major role in minimizing the cholesterol level and helps improve the efficacy of the cancer treatments by means of decreasing the total amount of the cancer drug in healthy cells while focusing drug on the cancerous cells.

Milk Thistle

It is reported that Milk Thistle has been in use for more than 2000 years or so. It is more common for treatment of the gallbladder disorders and liver. Silymarin which is called a flavonoid complex is extracted from milk thistle seeds and is believed to have been a biologically active component. The products of Milk Thistle are quite popular in the United States and in Europe for different kinds of liver disease.

Milk Thistle supplements can be effective for the chronic hepatitis. But more studies are required for examining the benefits and effectiveness of the supplements in such conditions. Some of the preliminary studies even suggest the use of supplements for people suffering from cirrhosis. It can even improve the liver function. In this respect as well, more studies needs to be conducted as cirrhosis and milk thistle are shown to be have been designed poorly. In all over Europe, the Milk Thistle has been reported administered to patients with liver problems primarily.


Pycnogenol is a natural health supplement which is derived from pine bark of trees known as the Pinus Pinaster. The active ingredients found in the products are also extracted from various other sources like grape seed, peanut skin and even witch hazel bark.

Pycogenol is also used for treatment of allergies, circulation problems, asthma, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, pain, soreness in muscles, diabetes, deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This can be used for preventing disorder of the blood vessels and heart, including other heart ailments, stroke and varicose veins. It is also used for slowing down the process of aging and maintaining healthy skin, improving the athletic endurance and improving the male fertility. Some skin creams in the market today also contain pycnogenal as the anti-aging products.

Is it possible for lower back pain to cause neck pain and then lead to a migraine?

is it possible for lower back pain to cause neck pain and then lead to a migraine?

i had my first migraine earlier in the week that lasted 64 hours and after two visits to the emergency room, the pain finally subsided. this morning after a slight episode (non-severe and lasting less than 2 hours) i noticed that my neck is still painful and when i stand up and/or walk, i experience lower back pain.

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The total wedding company – scottish wedding planners, designers & organisers


The Total Wedding & Event Company is a boutique wedding and event design company, specialising in turning your unforgettable experiences into amazing memories.

We help you get married with less stress and more style and our unique approach means that no two events are ever alike and we love that!  We hope our site gives you a chance to get to know us and what we can do for you. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Stephen, Mary and everyone at
The Total Wedding & Event Company

Our Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Telephone:  00 44 1667 453545

Mobile:  07795 632 733

About The Total Wedding Company


Based:                            Beautiful Highlands of Scotland, UK


Exact Location:              Victorian Railway Station that showcases our design and creative skills

                                        and has great coffee.


Inspirations:                  These come from everywhere but most importantly from our clients,

                                       their personalities and their desires.


Most Important Assets:  A great sense of humour, patience and the ability to react like

                                         Superman when  things look like they might unravel!


Favourite Venue:             Too many to mention,  Scotland is beautiful at any time of year.


Each year 80,000 people run in Standard Chartered sponsored marathons. GROE was created as a vehicle for Standard Chartered to leverage these highly successful marathons, across its network in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

In doing so, GROE has revolutionised the traditionally individual sport of marathon running by shifting the focus more towards co-operation and collaboration.  Partnership and teamwork, as well as trust, courage and a determination to go the distance are all Standard Chartered core values and will be key factors in determining the winners. 

The emphasis of GROE, launched in October 2004, is very much on rewarding teamwork over a series spanning approximately four months.  It embraces cultures from around the world, and has broadened participation to levels previously unseen in the sport. 

GROE is the world’s only marathon series and team event, and still offers the biggest prize pool in world athletics – US.5 million.

The four GROE marathons – Nairobi, Singapore, Mumbai and Hong Kong – encompass some of the world’s most challenging running environments.

GROE is a truly international event, and as a result GROE is fast becoming known as the World Cup of Marathons.  In the 2006/07 Series, there are 30 official national teams competing for the Nations Challenge, the trophy for which is a specially-commissioned Gold Baton.

As well as featuring elite runners, the Greatest Race broadens participation by giving athletes from non-traditional marathon running nations the opportunity to compete on an international stage.

The 9 carat, 300 gram solid gold trophy has been specially commissioned for GROE and will be awarded to the winners of the Nations Challenge.  The gold relay baton, worth over US0,000, is seen as a perfect symbol of GROE and a fitting trophy for such a prestigious relay series. 

The baton is made of pure gold to represent the standard that winners of the Nations Challenge must reach to secure that first place.  It will be present at all four marathons in the series, where athletes and their coaches will be able to see what is at stake.  The Nations Challenge winners each year will get to keep a replica of the Gold Baton.

GROE is a marathon relay across four Standard Chartered marathons – Nairobi, Singapore, Mumbai and Hong Kong.  Teams consist of four runners, who compete in one marathon each.  Teams are ranked according to the cumulative time that their four athletes record over the series. 

There are various Challenges that teams enter into:

Main Team Challenge – Open to all teams of four people.  Prizes are awarded to the top five.  Any team competing in GROE, including national teams, qualifies to win the Main Team Challenge prize pool.

Women’s Team Challenge – Bonus pool for teams consisting of four female runners, including national teams.  Prizes are awarded to the top five.

Nations Challenge – Open to all national teams endorsed by their National Athletics Association.  Prizes are awarded to the top overall team, as well as the top three in each of seven regions.

Please see end of this document for a summary of the prize structure.

Yes, there are additional prizes on offer to reward those teams who achieve an exceptional performance during the series. 

The Nations Challenge team that records the most improved cumulative time compared to the 2005/06 series wins US5,000.  In addition there is a prize pool of US$20,000 available to teams that break either the overall or the women’s GROE cumulative time record.  Finally, there is a pool of US$20,000 available to teams that are deemed to have deserved a Special Achievement Award.

The individual merits of all teams in the series will be judged on their participation and success against subjective criteria.  Teams might be particularly young, physically impaired or have gone through significant personal barriers to participate.  This award will highlight those teams that have overcome obstacles to still take part, lead the way and complete the series.

The event is open to any group of four people.  The race attracts amateur runners as well as the world’s best marathon athletes from countries all over the world.  This series sees a record 83 teams enter, including 45 professional teams, 30 official national teams and 15 all-women’s teams.  Including the Standard Chartered staff competing in separate Half Marathon Challenges, the total number of entrants for 2006/07 has risen to 590.

Amongst the world class athletes signed up this year are Usisivu Boniface, Simon Bor and Joseph Ngolepus, all sub-2:08 athletes, and for the women, Tegla Loroupe, Elana Meyer and Liu Min. These top names from the world of athletics show the enduring appeal of GROE as a showcase event in the marathon running calendar.

The profile of each of the four marathons has been raised since they were integrated into GROE.  Demonstrating this in 2005/06, 75% of the top 10 places in the four marathons were held by GROE runners.  And already in just two series, GROE runners have broken two of the marathon course records.

And overall participation has grown in each of the four marathons.  For example, there were 50% more runners in the Singapore Marathon in 2005 compared to 2004.  And by Mumbai and Hong Kong in 2006, the number of runners had grown to an extraordinary 28,000 and 31,500 respectively.

As well as being able to enter into the Main Team Challenge if they feel ready to take on the challenge of the full marathon, Standard Chartered staff can enter into a specially-created Half Marathon Staff Team Challenge.  In the 2005/06 series, 57 staff teams took part, a number which has been matched this year for the 2006/07 series.  And if they are feeling fit and ambitious, staff members can also enter the Staff Individual Challenge, whereby they run in each of the four half marathons.  As with the full marathon competition, cumulative times are added together, although there is no prize money at stake – merely pride!

Last series built successfully on the inaugural series in 2004/05.  It featured a record number of teams and course records being set by GROE athletes in both Singapore and Mumbai.  Our aim each year is improve the number and quality of teams taking part. 

The structure is essentially the same as last series but there have been a few small changes.  More money is being offered this year to all-women’s teams, the prize pool available for each regional section of the Nations Challenge has been doubled, and a prize pool has been created for exceptional performances.  The decision was made to remove the Individual Challenge, where athletes ran in all four marathons rather than in one as part of a team [see below for explanation].

Although the Individual Challenge was a worthwhile and entertaining category in its own right, Standard Chartered is focusing on GROE as a team event.   Partnership, which is in line with Standard Chartered’s brand promise, will be one of the key factors in determining the winners.  Other key factors will be trust, courage and responsiveness, all of which are part of Standard Chartered core values.

GROE has truly turned marathon-running on its head by introducing the concept of the relay, and it is obviously through the team challenges that this ethos is best demonstrated. Furthermore, shifting the prize money more towards certain types of team is encouraging an increased number and quality of national and all-women’s teams.

For the 2005/06 series, a new bonus pool was introduced for all-women’s teams in order to
attract more women to take part.  This year has seen an increase in the money available to these teams, and prizes are now on offer to the top five rather than just the top three. 

Prize Money

Prize Pool Summary (USD)

Main Team Challenge
Women’s Challenge (Bonus Pool)


Nations Challenge


Performance Awards 




Main Team Challenge (USD)

Performance Awards (USD)



Special Achievement Award




Most Improved Team Award




Bonus for beating the Series Record















Women’s Challenge Bonus Pool (USD)

Nations Challenge



Overall winner






1 in each region




2 in each region




3 in each region




Total for each region







Special event florals – bouquets and flower arrangements for weddings, corporate events and holidays

Special Spring Flowers
Anemone (white, vibrant pink, red, purple)
Easter lily (white)
Flowering Branches – Apple (white), Cherry (pink), Quince (white or orange) and
     Forsythia Branches (yellow)
Grape Hyacinth (Muscari) (bluish-purple)
Hellebore (Lenten Rose) (white, green, pink, burgundy)
Hyacinth (pipe threads of individual flowers) (all colors)
Iris (purple, white, yellow, bronze)
Larkspur (white, pink, bluish-purple)
Lilac (white, pink, purple)
Lily of the Valley (white)
Narcissus (Daffodils) (white, and yellow)
Peony (white, light and dark pink)
Ranunculus (white, yellow, pink)
Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum) (white)
Tulip (single, double and parrot tulip varieties) (many colors)
Vibernum (white, green)
Violets (white, yellow, blue, purple)

Sensational Summer Flowers
Allium (white, and purple)
Agapanthus (white and bluish-purple)
Bachelor’s Buttons (cornflower blue)
Button Pompon Mum (white, green, yellow)
Celosia (Cockscomb) (yellow, pink and red)
Crocosmia (Montbretia) (yellow-orange)
Dahlia (all colors and two-tone)
Daisy (white, yellow)
Delphinium (white, pink, light blue, bluish-purple)
Eremus (Pineapple Lily) (whitish-yellow)
Freesia (white, yellow, orange, light purple)
Gardenia (white) (fragrant)
Genista (Broom) (white, yellow, pink)
Gloriosa Lily (hot pink and yellow)
Hydrangea (white, green, blue, light blue and white)
Liatris (purple)
Lily (Asiatic, Oriental & Stargazer varieties) (white, yellow,
         orange, pink, red, two-tone)
Magnolia (white)
Oakleaf Hydrangea (white)
Queen Anne’s Lace (white)
Pitcher Plants (tropical)
Red Hot Poker (yellow and orange)
Snapdragon (many colors)
Spider Mums (white, green, yellow)
Stock (white, pink, lavender, purple)
Stephanotis (white)
Sweet Pea (white, pink, lavender)
Tuberose (white) (fragrant)
Viburnum (Snowball) (white, light green)
Waxflower (white, pink, purple)

Fantastic Fall Flowers
Amaranth (green, red)
Aster (white, light pink, dark pink, deep purple)
Astilbe (white, pink, burgundy)
Carthamus (Safflower) (orange)
Chinese Lantern (orange)
Disbud Mum (‘Football Mums’) (yellow, bronze, orange, Tom
      Pearce variety)
Globe Thistle (purple)
Kangaroo Paws (deep yellow-golden, red)
Pincushion Leucospermum (Protea) (yellow and orange)
Rover Mum/Chrysanthemum (many colors)
Safari Sunset (Leucodendron) (reddish burgundy)
Sedum (Autumn Joy) (green or pink)
Solidago (Goldenrod) (yellow)
Snapdragon (many colors)
Sunflower (mini or standard) (yellow or dyed orange/red)
Viburnum (white, light green)
Zinnia (many colors)

Wonderful Winter Flowers
Amaryllis (white, peach pink, red, two-tone red and pink)
Camellia (white, pink, red, lavender)
Forsythia (yellow)
Hellebore (Lenten Rose) (white, light green, pinkish-burgundy)
Ornamental cabbage (white and green, green and purple)
Paperwhite Narcissus (white)
Poinsettia (white, pink, pink and red, red)
Witch hazel branches (yellow)

Favorites Available Year-round
Alstromeria (many colors)
Antherium (white, pink, green, red) (tropical)
Bells of Ireland (green)
Bird of Paradise (orange) (tropical)
Bouvardia (white and pink)
Bupleurum (yellowish/green)
Calla lily (mini and standard) (white, green, orange, yellow-orange,         
Carnation (mini and standard) (all colors)
Freesia (white, yellow, pink, and purple)
Fugi mums (many colors)
Gerbera Daisy (many vibrant colors)
Gladiolus (many colors)
Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath) (white)
Heliconia (hanging or upright varieties) (orange to red)  (tropical)
Hydrangea (white, green, blue and jewel pinkish/purple)
Lily (Asiatic, Oriental and Stargazer var.) (many colors)
Limonium (silvery purple)
Lisianthus (white, pink, purple)
Orchids (Dendrobium and Cymbidium var.) (white, yellow, green,  
     pink, burgundy, purple, chocolate-orange)
Protea (yellow and orange) (tropical)
Roses (standard, sweetheart and spray varieties) (all colors)
Statice (white, blue, purple)

Bay laurel

Favorites Greenery and Mixed Botanicals
Acornis (variegated and green)
Alchemilla (Ladies Mantle) (bright yellow-green)
Amaranthus (green or red)
Apples (many colors)
Artichoke (green)
Aspidistra (variegated and green)
Bear Grass
Boxwood (small green leaves)
Birch branches (brown)
Bittersweet vine (orange berries)
Calathea leaves (variegated and deep red)
Cast Iron plant leaves (dark green)
Cattail (brown)
Crab apples (green) (small)
Craspedia Balls (golden yellow)
Croton (multicolored – yellow, gold, orange, green and red)
Cryptomeria boughs
Curly Willow branches
Dogwood berries (red)
Dogwood stems (yellow, green, red)
Dusty Miller (silvery dissected leaves)
Eucalyptus (silvery green or dyed shades of gold, dark
    green or red)
Eucalyptus pods, and seeded eucalyptus berries (silvery)
Euonymus leaves (gold and green)
Galax leaves (round waxy green)
Gold Dust (variously mottled foliage)
Gourds (ornamental varieties)
Holly and holly berries (orange or red)
Horsetail (jointed stems and sedge-like)
Hosta (green and variegated, chartreuse)
Hypericum berries (green, yellow or red)
Ilex berries (red)
Italian Ruscus (green)
Ivy (variegated and solid green)
Juniper berries (silvery blue)
Juniper boughs
Larch boughs (silvery)
Laurel branches
Lichen-covered branches (silvery)
Lotus pods (brown)
Ligustrum (privet) berries (dark bluish-purple)
Magnolia leaves (green or rusty green)
Millet grass (deep purple)
Monstera (tropical) (lobed leaves)
Nandina berries (yellow to orange to red)
Oak leaves (dried) (yellow, orange, red and brown)
Ornamental Pepper (Capsicum) (red, orange, yellow, purple)
Palm leaves
Papyrus (tropical)
Pears (miniature)
Pepperberry (dark pink)
Persimmon fruit (orange)
Photenia leaves
Pine boughs
Plumosus (fern-like) (feathery green)
Pteris (variegated or green)
Pumpkin (ornamental var.)
Pussy Willow (whitish-silvery balls on brown stems)
Rose hips (orange to red)
Salal (Lemon Leaf) (shiny green)
Smoke Tree (burgundy leaves)
Song of India (variegated green and light yellow)
Sumac berries (deep red)
Ti leaves (red or green)
Tomato eggplant fruits (Solanum) (orange)
Viburnum berries (green)
Wheat sheaves
Winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata) (red berries)