Better Learning On The Most Common Cancer Problem Among Girls

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among females in the united states. Cancer is a debilitating disease and no cure has been discovered yet for this type of disease. Medical experts have only discovered methods and drugs to delay the spread of cancer cells but not entirely stop it from growing back. Causes of breast cancer are still unknown although there are many risk factors that would make a woman prone to the disease. These risk factors can be divided into 2 types, the uncontrollable and the controllable factors. The factors are listed and defined below.

Hereditary disposition

According to studies on breast cancer, family history is a key to determining a woman’s likelihood of getting the disease. Genetic composition can greatly affect the possibility of the production of cancer cells. Many women are not aware about their family’s health history and are often caught offguard when breast cancer is discovered. Physicians specifically OB-Gynecologists educate women how to do self breast examinations and when to do it best monthly. This is a good way to monitor and check for the presence of unusual lumps.


The American Cancer Society in its journal stated that age plays a role in developing breast cancer. As women grow older, the chance of getting the disease also rises. The ratio of women below forty five having invasive breast cancer is 1:8. This means that among 8 women who have invasive breast cancers, only one among them falls below age 45. Another report revealed that out of 3 invasive breast cancer patients, two of them fall above the age 55. Indeed age is a risk factor.

Having Children

This is a controllable risk factor since not all women can give birth. The possibility of women getting breast cancer is higher among women who never conceived and gave birth including those women who had their 1st baby at age 30 and above. Having many pregnancies and giving birth at a very young age reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Recent Oral Birth Control Use

Using oral contraceptives has proven to be a risk factor in the growth and development of breast cancer among its users. The cancer risks are lesser when women stop using contraceptives according to the American Cancer Society.


Women who are addicted to alcohol have greater chances of getting breast cancer. Alcohol has been considered as a catalyst in the production of cancer cells. Coupled with genetic disposition, alcohol addiction can be very dangerous and self destructing. It’s best to seek alcohol rehabilitation centers before it’s too late. These centers are meant to help women overcome addiction and live a healthy life-style.

The factors mentioned above are only few of the many risks associated with breast cancer. Some of the factors are beyond the control of a person but it has been believed that diet and a healthy life-style can truly minimize chances of breast cancer development. Controllable factors like intake of contraceptives and alcoholism can be solved. Alcohol treatment programs provide the needs of alcoholics to keep them away from alcohol intake and help them stay on the path of sobriety.

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