Various Categories of Skin Cancer to Know for Effective Diagnose and Cure

In the recent few years, many men and women have suffered from the severe problem referred as skin cancer. Even some of these people remain at relatively high risk as compared to others. Therefore, in order to identify risks in advance, it is essential for you to undergo proper skin check by visiting dr steve karagiannis skin clinic.

This is a reputable skin clinic located in the city of Dublin of Ireland, which comprises of qualified and experienced dermatologists capable of providing you with skin checking, minor surgery and cancer detection or treatment services to their patients. Dr. Steve and its other associates have identified three primary categories of skin cancer, as mentioned in this article.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

First type of skin cancer is referred as Basal Cell Carcinoma, which starts in basal cells of human skin. Since this type of cancer grows in slow manner and mostly does not spread, you could consider it as least serious type of issue. As per the experts of skin cancer diagnosis in Dublin, a person may suffer two different types of BCC problem, which includes superficial BCC and nodular BCC. Regardless the BCC’s category, skin specialists can easily diagnose and treat basal cells cancer within fewer durations as possible.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

After this, many service providers of mole mapping in Dublin highlighted about relatively more serious types of skin cancer than BCC and referred it as SCC i.e. Squamous Cell Carcinoma. This category of cancer affects cells present in the outer portion of body, keratinocytes and epidermis of human skin. However, similar to basal cell carcinoma, SCC also spreads in slow manner, because of which Irish doctors of Melanoma skin clinic diagnose and remove it by following surgical process. Thus, by undergoing surgery on time, SCC cannot create any type of adverse effects on other organs of your body.


Lastly, few people even suffer from the most serious type of cancer referred as melanoma, originating in melanocytes or cells responsible for the production of melanin. The actual amount of melanin found in skin cells or skin tissues will determine the darkness or lightness of the color of human skin. Malignant melanoma will spread in a rapid way and invade various vital body organs and other tissues. Hence, in this case, Melanoma skin clinic exert chooses for prompt skin diagnoses and treatments become essential to achieve successful cure of the problem.

In conclusion, all types of skin cancer are curable, provided they are detected at initial stage. Hence, in case you found formation of moles or any unusual spot over any part of your skin, just consult your skin doctor immediately.

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