Love Your Puggle by Taking Care of His Health Needs

t is essential to the health of your Puggle to be checked out by a regular professional veterinarian on a regular basis. The preventative care your puppy or dog receives from a vet can literally add years to your dog’s life.

Pets are living longer these days, therefore, allowing for more risks of different illnesses. Taking your dog to the vet will help catch these sicknesses earlier so that treatment can be administered sooner.

Many veterinary clinics and hospitals are developing preventative care programs for older animals. These are special tests to help find problems with organs in older dogs as early as possible to begin treatment to help your Puggle live a long and healthy life.

Start in the very beginning.
Be sure to start as soon as the puppy can get his first set of shots. The healthier your Puggle is when he is young, the better chances you have of a healthier older Puggle.

Managing health through weight
Knowing the weight of your dog is essential to knowing if your dog is healthy. If for some reason your dog has an unexplained weight loss or has gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time, than you can try to determine what the problem is and try to find a treatment.

You should check into a diet that is healthy and fulfilling to your pet. More and more information is coming out about dog food. Check into what you are feeding your dog. If you do switch what you are feeding them, than do so gradually, and be sure you are giving the correct amount of nutrients and vitamins necessary for a healthy diet.

Medical history is established.
If your pet goes to a vet on a regular basis, they will have a record of each visit and any problems your puggle has had in the past. They will be able to better diagnose illnesses that arise in your pet.

Physical examination
Your older puggle should receive a regular physical exam. He should at least be seen by the vet once a year, sometimes twice a year depending on his health.

Oral and dental exams
Sometimes getting an exam of his mouth, teeth, gums, tongue and throat is impossible, but it is very important. Try to get your puppy used to opening his mouth as soon as possible. It will make it so much easier to do any dental work on him when he is older and needs work done.

Rectal exam
This exam is very important in the fact that it could diagnose cancer or other diseases early on. The rectal exam will consist of examining the inner pelvic area, internal lymph nodes, the lining of the colon, and the prostate in the male Puggle. The urinary system will also be evaluated at this time.

Ophthalmic exams
Puggles tend to be prone to eye infections. Routine eye exams are recommended, especially for older dogs. Older dogs are more at risk of cataracts, glaucoma and dry eye (a condition where there is little tear production). These exams also include the measurement of the pressure in the eye. It is important to have eye exams to help prevent permanent eye damage.

There are many other important things regular veterinary visits can help your “little guy”. The veterinarian is a doctor for your dog. Preventative healthcare is essential to ensuring you have done the best you can to keep your cute little Puggle healthy and happy for as many years as possible. Don’t take the health of your true and loyal companion into your own hands. Leave it to the professionals who are experienced in the most recent shots and illnesses.

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