"the natural alternative to xenical�**

Chitosan, The Natural Alternative To Xenical

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Get help in weight maintenance
and extra fiber with calorie-free Chitosan,
the fat absorber“.
Plus the powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin C.* 

Chitosan turns into a gel in
the stomach and may entrap fat in the
intestine and help inhibit its absorption.
Studies also show it helps decrease enzymes
involved in cholesterol synthesis and may help
elevate HDL cholesterol. *

Each capsule contains:




Chitosan w/ Vitamin C, 120


*This statement has
not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. This product is not intended
to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any


** Xenical
is a Trademark of Roche Laboratories, Inc. and is not an
endorsement or does not imply any endorsement by Roche

Chitosan is truly a scientific breakthrough that
really can help reshape your figure and your life like
nothing ever has. The key ingredient is polyglucosamine
a substance similar to “chitin” which comes
from plankton and the exoskeletons of crustaceans
(crabs, lobsters and shrimp) and soaks up fat like a
magnet! REALLY!

This super ingredient, a special fiber, has over
thirty years of research behind it! The best known form
is an aminopolysaccharide called Chitosan (pronounced
kite-o-san) which has had 17 years of study as a natural
weight loss agent and as a fiber for adding bulk to the
digestive system and for colon cleansing. Chitosan has
been used for over thirty years by water purification
plants to detoxify water – it can absorb oil, grease and
other toxic substances with amazing effectiveness.
Pharmaceutical grade chitosan can absorb ten to 12 times
it’s weight! This is what makes it so effective as a
weight loss agent.

The polyglucosamine we use is indeed a pharmaceutical
grade fiber that will soak up to ten to twelve times
it’s weight in fat! It is a lipophilic fiber, meaning
that it is chemically attracted to or loves fat! (Most
fibers are hydrophilic, which means they repel fat and
attract water.) A clinical study in Helsinki revealed
that participants in a four week period lost an average
of 8% body fat, and average of 15 pounds per person,
when using a pharmaceutical grade polyglucosamine fiber
like we use in our Chitosan product. How would you like
to take some capsules that could help you loose an
average of 2-3 pounds each week?

Another clinical study showed that in just five
weeks, a pharmaceutical grade polyglucosamine fiber (chitosan)
reduced total cholesterol by an incredible 32%! Just
think, all this time you’ve been eating crabs, lobsters
and shrimp without realizing how good their shells are
for you, too. Best of all, there are no known
significant side effects using polyglucosamine fibers
like there are with drugs. In fact, they can have a
major impact by reducing blood pressure, heart disease
and other cardiovascular problems.


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