Special event florals – bouquets and flower arrangements for weddings, corporate events and holidays

Special Spring Flowers
Anemone (white, vibrant pink, red, purple)
Easter lily (white)
Flowering Branches – Apple (white), Cherry (pink), Quince (white or orange) and
     Forsythia Branches (yellow)
Grape Hyacinth (Muscari) (bluish-purple)
Hellebore (Lenten Rose) (white, green, pink, burgundy)
Hyacinth (pipe threads of individual flowers) (all colors)
Iris (purple, white, yellow, bronze)
Larkspur (white, pink, bluish-purple)
Lilac (white, pink, purple)
Lily of the Valley (white)
Narcissus (Daffodils) (white, and yellow)
Peony (white, light and dark pink)
Ranunculus (white, yellow, pink)
Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum) (white)
Tulip (single, double and parrot tulip varieties) (many colors)
Vibernum (white, green)
Violets (white, yellow, blue, purple)

Sensational Summer Flowers
Allium (white, and purple)
Agapanthus (white and bluish-purple)
Bachelor’s Buttons (cornflower blue)
Button Pompon Mum (white, green, yellow)
Celosia (Cockscomb) (yellow, pink and red)
Crocosmia (Montbretia) (yellow-orange)
Dahlia (all colors and two-tone)
Daisy (white, yellow)
Delphinium (white, pink, light blue, bluish-purple)
Eremus (Pineapple Lily) (whitish-yellow)
Freesia (white, yellow, orange, light purple)
Gardenia (white) (fragrant)
Genista (Broom) (white, yellow, pink)
Gloriosa Lily (hot pink and yellow)
Hydrangea (white, green, blue, light blue and white)
Liatris (purple)
Lily (Asiatic, Oriental & Stargazer varieties) (white, yellow,
         orange, pink, red, two-tone)
Magnolia (white)
Oakleaf Hydrangea (white)
Queen Anne’s Lace (white)
Pitcher Plants (tropical)
Red Hot Poker (yellow and orange)
Snapdragon (many colors)
Spider Mums (white, green, yellow)
Stock (white, pink, lavender, purple)
Stephanotis (white)
Sweet Pea (white, pink, lavender)
Tuberose (white) (fragrant)
Viburnum (Snowball) (white, light green)
Waxflower (white, pink, purple)

Fantastic Fall Flowers
Amaranth (green, red)
Aster (white, light pink, dark pink, deep purple)
Astilbe (white, pink, burgundy)
Carthamus (Safflower) (orange)
Chinese Lantern (orange)
Disbud Mum (‘Football Mums’) (yellow, bronze, orange, Tom
      Pearce variety)
Globe Thistle (purple)
Kangaroo Paws (deep yellow-golden, red)
Pincushion Leucospermum (Protea) (yellow and orange)
Rover Mum/Chrysanthemum (many colors)
Safari Sunset (Leucodendron) (reddish burgundy)
Sedum (Autumn Joy) (green or pink)
Solidago (Goldenrod) (yellow)
Snapdragon (many colors)
Sunflower (mini or standard) (yellow or dyed orange/red)
Viburnum (white, light green)
Zinnia (many colors)

Wonderful Winter Flowers
Amaryllis (white, peach pink, red, two-tone red and pink)
Camellia (white, pink, red, lavender)
Forsythia (yellow)
Hellebore (Lenten Rose) (white, light green, pinkish-burgundy)
Ornamental cabbage (white and green, green and purple)
Paperwhite Narcissus (white)
Poinsettia (white, pink, pink and red, red)
Witch hazel branches (yellow)

Favorites Available Year-round
Alstromeria (many colors)
Antherium (white, pink, green, red) (tropical)
Bells of Ireland (green)
Bird of Paradise (orange) (tropical)
Bouvardia (white and pink)
Bupleurum (yellowish/green)
Calla lily (mini and standard) (white, green, orange, yellow-orange,         
Carnation (mini and standard) (all colors)
Freesia (white, yellow, pink, and purple)
Fugi mums (many colors)
Gerbera Daisy (many vibrant colors)
Gladiolus (many colors)
Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath) (white)
Heliconia (hanging or upright varieties) (orange to red)  (tropical)
Hydrangea (white, green, blue and jewel pinkish/purple)
Lily (Asiatic, Oriental and Stargazer var.) (many colors)
Limonium (silvery purple)
Lisianthus (white, pink, purple)
Orchids (Dendrobium and Cymbidium var.) (white, yellow, green,  
     pink, burgundy, purple, chocolate-orange)
Protea (yellow and orange) (tropical)
Roses (standard, sweetheart and spray varieties) (all colors)
Statice (white, blue, purple)

Bay laurel

Favorites Greenery and Mixed Botanicals
Acornis (variegated and green)
Alchemilla (Ladies Mantle) (bright yellow-green)
Amaranthus (green or red)
Apples (many colors)
Artichoke (green)
Aspidistra (variegated and green)
Bear Grass
Boxwood (small green leaves)
Birch branches (brown)
Bittersweet vine (orange berries)
Calathea leaves (variegated and deep red)
Cast Iron plant leaves (dark green)
Cattail (brown)
Crab apples (green) (small)
Craspedia Balls (golden yellow)
Croton (multicolored – yellow, gold, orange, green and red)
Cryptomeria boughs
Curly Willow branches
Dogwood berries (red)
Dogwood stems (yellow, green, red)
Dusty Miller (silvery dissected leaves)
Eucalyptus (silvery green or dyed shades of gold, dark
    green or red)
Eucalyptus pods, and seeded eucalyptus berries (silvery)
Euonymus leaves (gold and green)
Galax leaves (round waxy green)
Gold Dust (variously mottled foliage)
Gourds (ornamental varieties)
Holly and holly berries (orange or red)
Horsetail (jointed stems and sedge-like)
Hosta (green and variegated, chartreuse)
Hypericum berries (green, yellow or red)
Ilex berries (red)
Italian Ruscus (green)
Ivy (variegated and solid green)
Juniper berries (silvery blue)
Juniper boughs
Larch boughs (silvery)
Laurel branches
Lichen-covered branches (silvery)
Lotus pods (brown)
Ligustrum (privet) berries (dark bluish-purple)
Magnolia leaves (green or rusty green)
Millet grass (deep purple)
Monstera (tropical) (lobed leaves)
Nandina berries (yellow to orange to red)
Oak leaves (dried) (yellow, orange, red and brown)
Ornamental Pepper (Capsicum) (red, orange, yellow, purple)
Palm leaves
Papyrus (tropical)
Pears (miniature)
Pepperberry (dark pink)
Persimmon fruit (orange)
Photenia leaves
Pine boughs
Plumosus (fern-like) (feathery green)
Pteris (variegated or green)
Pumpkin (ornamental var.)
Pussy Willow (whitish-silvery balls on brown stems)
Rose hips (orange to red)
Salal (Lemon Leaf) (shiny green)
Smoke Tree (burgundy leaves)
Song of India (variegated green and light yellow)
Sumac berries (deep red)
Ti leaves (red or green)
Tomato eggplant fruits (Solanum) (orange)
Viburnum berries (green)
Wheat sheaves
Winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata) (red berries)

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