Emanuel and Stephane – 2 electro indie Parisian DJs/band who live and work in Paris and

Where do the play?
Residency at Pulp in Paris and have recently done a series of live gigs and DJ sets at 93 Feet
East, Old Blue Last and Club Motherfucker.

What are their DJ sets like?
Fun, raucous affairs – expect Peaches, Kaiser Chiefs, The Cult all given a good remix
makeover by the boys.

What’s their music like?
Heavy, grinding Anglo/French electro – all very hot and all very now.

Stephane quotes Wilde as a major influence and Emanuel is inspired by ‘the many, many
forms of art’. The boys have recently made an ‘on the road’ movie of their time in the States and
are also on hot demand to play at fashion afterparties. Heavily a part of the queer electro
scene, the boys find inspiration from their revellers however both say they are straight and
single. It’s certainly the good life for them.

The Dead Sexy Inc: ‘Mixhake’ and Demo:
These Parisian trend setters are in the middle of an electronica hurricane. From dabbling in
the dark arts of film and fashion, these boys have now taken up a residency at Paris’ trendiest
club, Pulp and head to the UK at the end of this week for what will be storming performances,
no doubt. Their ‘Mixshake’ DJ mix CD for EMI landed on top of me a few weeks ago and is a
masterful delight of new, old, new remixed with old and old sounding new but of course still
remaining old. Ermm..the specifications of DJ-ing have never been a forte of mine but let’s
give it a bash.

From the best love song in the world, ‘Just Like Heaven’ to ‘Sex (I’m A)’ by Peaches (my new
anthem before I hit the town), this album is a classic who’s who of the once avant garde but
now heavily over-sampled. Indochine, The Cult and even Frankie Goes to Hollywood are all
given the royal once over by Stefan and Emanuel and come out the other end of your speakers
sounding even more bloody amazing. Although my memories of the 1980s mainly
encompass dreaming of Kylie perms and Club chocolate bars in my lunch box, this album
informs my slightly surprised mind that there were some cracking good tunes from the
wonderfully peculiar 80s period…fantastic!

However not content with remixing for the likes of gloopy Marilyn Manson, Dead Sexy kick the
groove of rock electronica right in the crotch of its turned up jeans and brylcreamed coiffed hair
and present us with their new EP. ‘I Need Love’ is a dark, howling SOS call – imagine a
crossed phone line leading to a slightly garbled conversation between Gary Numan, Bonnie
Tyler and Jacques Chirac and you have some idea of what this sounds like. That’s right, eager
ears – pretty hot in an embarrassing kind of way.

‘Blackbox Baby’ shows that these boys can sing in an official EU Anglo-French drawl that will
drive the post-Berlin wall generation kraazy, I tell you, just kraazy. I mistake ‘Born To Lose’ for
‘Born In Toulouse’ but hey, ambigous/indistinct lyrics are my bag, baby. Realising my mistake,
I dance out with a new surge of energy..boy, I’m easily pleased and more easily led. It’s about
time original electronic bands started hitting the mainstream again especially when it’s done
so beat funkingly well (the UK has guntronic Trash Fashion flying the flag). Definitely catch
them live from Dec 9-13th in London and I’ll see you there with my bouffant perm and
rollerskates for a bit of a laugh before we go round the bike shed…

Article by Dee Sekar and photos by Johanna Macdonald

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