Privacy Promise

At a time when the Internet brings buyers and sellers ever closer together,
consumers need increasing control over their personal information.
PopularDemand was founded to
bring privacy to online consumers as they shop for products and
services on the Internet.

uses a proprietary technology to preserve the anonymity of members while matching them
with deals targeted to their interests. Unless a member expressly
forwards his or her contact information,
PopularDemand will under no circumstances
reveal any member’s identity to merchants.
Members may also opt to forward such information as a preferred
service plan or method of contact to merchants they intend to do
business with, but they must first explicitly state they want a
merchant to know this information.

Contact via email.PopularDemand sites periodically contact
members via email, but only at intervals determined by members. Members who
remove themselves from the PopularDemand
service will no longer be contacted by PopularDemand
via email or any other method.

Logging user activity.PopularDemand web servers collect both incoming
traffic data and outbound traffic data. This information helps us understand where
our membership originates and how to reach potential members through online banner
ads and partnerships. It is not included in or otherwise related to individual member

External links.PopularDemand sites offer links to other Web sites.
Unfortunately, we cannot vouch for the privacy practices or content of these sites.
However, as part of its mission, PopularDemand
encourages its partners to respect consumer rights and improve customer relationships.
Companies that demonstrate poor customer service or mismanagement of personal information
risk termination of their relationship with PopularDemand.

Termination of membership.
populardemand offers members the option to permanently remove their contact information
from the database of any PopularDemand site. Once
removed, ex-members will no longer receive email or other communication from that
PopularDemand site. Member removal is permanent,
although former members are welcome to rejoin any PopularDemand
service. PopularDemand will never sell,
rent, or otherwise use the contact information of former members.

If you have questions about this privacy statement, the practices of
PopularDemand, or your dealings
with any PopularDemand site,
contact [email protected]

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