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Knee Failure

Knee failure is a condition that can affect individuals who have received knee implants and knee replacement systems. It is an unfortunate possibility for any individual who receives a knee replacement implant. Patients who experience knee failure often have to undergo knee revision surgery, a surgery that will replace the defective knee implant with a new implant to correct the side effects and complications that may have occurred the with their first knee replacement system. Knee failure is a serious condition that can cause a number of side effects and complications.

Symptoms of Knee Failure

Symptoms of knee replacement failure will sometimes affect a patient who has had knee replacement surgery. They could include a variety of symptoms

  • Pain and stiffness in joint
  • Pain while standing or weight bearing
  • Clicking in joint
  • Limited range of motion

Knee failure is a serious condition and patients should talk to their surgeon about the possibility of knee revision surgery.  Knee revision surgery patients are more vulnerable to infection than first-time knee replacement patients. They may also undergo more post surgery complications, including a vast increase in the amount of physical therapy needed.


Knee failure is usually first treated with conservative means; through medications and physical therapy.  Knee revision surgery can be both expensive and complicated. Knee revision surgery is more complex than regular knee replacement surgery and much more involved. It can be hindered by scar tissue and bone corrosion from the first knee replacement surgery. The side effects and complications of knee revision surgery may require longer healing time, more physical therapy, greater cost, and other complications. As with many other medical procedures, the financial cost of revision surgery is quite expensive, and if insurance does not cover it patients may need to seek outside help.

Medical Device Implant Complications

Zimmer knee failure has been reported in some cases of knee replacement using the Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex model implant.  Knee failure is always a possibility no matter what type of implant system is used.

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